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Economists project a strong 2014 for Texas

See on – Texas Lots and Land Next year, the economies of the United States, Texas and Dallas-Fort Worth are sure to benefit from less fiscal uncertainty, a better employment picture and growing business and consumer confidence.   Troy Corman‘s insight: Key point – Texas has produced 7 of 10 new jobs since 2005. See on

Developers and investors are buying up old apartments to build new

See on – Texas Lots and Land Four Dallas apartment communities built in the 1970s in prime redevelopment locations have been purchased by developers and investors.   Troy Corman‘s insight: Prime development sites disappearing. We’ve got 28,100′ of vacant multifamily land at 3347 Crestiview – not far from the Harvey’s Racquet Club redevelopment. See on

Texas escapes real estate downturn with its reputation intact

See on – Texas Lots and Land Texas maintains its reputation as an economic and real estate powerhouse. So what’s behind its success? Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas President Richard Fisher weighs in.   Troy Corman‘s insight: I wasn’t born it Texas but I got here as fast as I could! See on