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Analysts split over whether oil plunge will hammer Texas’ housing market

National economists are predicting that Texas’ housing market will slow down because of the sharp decline in oil prices, but local analysts aren’t expecting a shakeout. Source: From Dave Brown of Metrostudy at Dallas Division Builder’s luncheon – “Lack of new homes at lower price points are driving up sale prices of existing homes in north Texas.” See on…read more →

How Will Low Oil Prices Affect Real Estate in Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston in 2015?

Opinions differ on how the rapid decline in oil prices will affect the real estate markets of the states’s two behemoth metroplexes in 2015. The question seems to be how low will oil prices go, and how long will they stay at those levels. Although Houston’s economy is much more diverse now than during the 1980’s oil bust, multifamily consulting and data…read more →