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Dallas on Realtors list of U.S. boomtowns

Dallas has landed near the top of a lot of what Realtors say are America’s biggest boomtowns. Big D ranked just behind a suburb of Phoenix and Los Angeles as… Sourced through from: See on – Texas Lots and Land

Nature or Nurture: Are Great Places Created, or Do They Just Happen?

Are great places created, or do they just happen? This question is receiving a great deal of attention right now, in academic journals and the professional press. The world’s cities face huge challenges over the next 30 years. They will have to accommodate another 2 billion people and provide a good living and meaningful economic and cultural opportunities. How can…read more →

Dispelling the Millennial home buying myth – Sixty by Eighty blog | JLL

By: JLL Dallas The popular press continually advances the generational divide between Millennials and everyone else.  Portrayed at the scale of a geological shift, making cracks into canyons, the press enjoys illustrating that Millennials’ priorities get further from the standards of prior generations. One topic that is often discussed is that Millennials are not home buyers.  Rather,Read More Sourced through from:…read more →