Houston Commercial Real Estate

Galleria’s sleek style set new trend for shopping, living

By Erin Mulvaney and the Houston Chronicle The sparkling mecca of retail and more attracts roughly 30 million visitors a year to its shops and hotels. It reshaped the entire southwest corner of the city into a second downtown and inspired how shopping malls and mixed-use projects were developed in the following decades.   But before the Galleria was born in…read more →

How the Massive New ExxonMobil Campus Came to Fruition and Created Momentum North of Houston.

Beginning like a spy novel might, an anonymous inquiry led to one of the largest and most transformative real estate developments in the history of Houston. The deal was code-named “Project Delta,” and the caller claimed to be representing a Fortune 500 company searching for a site for a massive corporate campus. The rest of the story…

How Will Low Oil Prices Affect Real Estate in Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston in 2015?

Opinions differ on how the rapid decline in oil prices will affect the real estate markets of the states’s two behemoth metroplexes in 2015. The question seems to be how low will oil prices go, and how long will they stay at those levels. Although Houston’s economy is much more diverse now than during the 1980’s oil bust, multifamily consulting and data…read more →