Real Estate History

2016: A record year for Dallas real estate

By Steve Brown and the Dallas Morning News What a year — 2016 saw a string of all-time highs in the North Texas real estate market. Record commercial property sales. Record home prices. Construction cranes sprouting across the horizon. This year has been like a flashback to the 1980s boom, but without the crooked savings and loan money and development…read more →

Stubborn Texas homeowners staying put when demand for houses is soaring

By Steve Brown and the Dallas Morning News Since the Great Recession, Americans have been staying in their homes on average about 60 percent longer. Of course, real estate agents don’t make any money unless people buy and sell houses, so the longer tenure of today’s homeowners is on their worry list. In Texas and surrounding states, people who bought homes…read more →

Dallas’ Woodbine Development gets its second president in four decades

By Steve Brown and the Dallas Morning News John Scovell’s first real estate deal was a doozy. In 1973, he teamed up with Dallas oilman Ray Hunt to build downtown Dallas’ landmark Reunion Hyatt Hotel with its skyline signature observation tower. Read more about how Reunion was built in Dallas here. “What a privilege to change the skyline with your…read more →

Dallas’ Quadrangle shopping center changed the neighborhood decades before Uptown

By Steve Brown and the Dallas Morning News Fifty years ago, there was no Uptown. The area around McKinney Avenue and Cedar Springs Road was a jumble of old houses and small commercial businesses. When developers plopped down a quirky shopping center called The Quadrangle, Dallas residents didn’t know what to think. Turns out, those builders were pioneers in the…read more →

Why is Maxwell Drever spending $240M to save an iconic Dallas skyscraper?

By Steve Brown and the Dallas Morning News Maxwell Drever likes to garden. The California real estate investor doesn’t mind getting a little dirt under his fingernails to make something bloom. “I’m a master gardener — I love taking gardens and making them really spectacular,” Drever said. “I love restoring gardens. “And I love restoring buildings, too.” In downtown Dallas,…read more →

Galleria’s sleek style set new trend for shopping, living

By Erin Mulvaney and the Houston Chronicle The sparkling mecca of retail and more attracts roughly 30 million visitors a year to its shops and hotels. It reshaped the entire southwest corner of the city into a second downtown and inspired how shopping malls and mixed-use projects were developed in the following decades.   But before the Galleria was born in…read more →

Dallas’ ‘Complete Streets’ plan will get a vote this week, just in time for Knox Street makeover

Few topics have gotten more discussion around Dallas in the past five years than how to make easier to get around in this city by foot or bike. At long last, this… Sourced through from: Proponents want to reduce traffic lanes to widen sidewalks and make Knox more pedestrian friendly, ala the recently revised lower Greenville. See on –…read more →