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As Self-Storage Booms, Hoarding Seen As Signaling A Healthy Economy

From Bloomberg News and Investors Business Daily For John Bull, a Portland, Ore.-based contractor who specializes in self-storage centers, a typical day entails supervising a crack, 10-person crew that uses light-gauge steel and screw guns to build 100,000-square-foot monuments to American materialism. They can finish one every four months, but these days that’s just not fast enough. Bull’s services are in high-demand — so much…read more →

Dallas’ Statler Hotel sells city’s incentives in unheard of bond offering

By Steve Brown and the Dallas Morning News Developers who are redoing one of downtown Dallas’ largest buildings have sold the promised city financial incentives for the project. Commerce Statler Development LLC — the company created by developer Mehrdad Moayedi to redevelop the landmark hotel — sold the tax increment finance grant the city of Dallas provided for the huge…read more →

How Chinese Investors Can Find Success Investing in US Real Estate

Chart courtesy of Bisnow and Rosen Consulting Group How are Chinese assessing US real estate investing? What kinds of investment approaches are they considering or discarding? This week, one of China’s leading business magazines, Caijing Magazine, published an article, in Chinese, written by a native New Yorker, Peter Fuhrman, who runs China-based investment bank China First Capital. He advises some larger Chinese…read more →

Capital market pullback may take bite out of Dallas-area real estate boom

Via Steve Brown of the Dallas Morning News @SteveBrownDMN on twitter The real estate business runs on money. Along with new jobs and population growth, you need a lot of moolah to pay for all that construction and investment — billions and billions of dollars in North Texas. So word of a slowdown in property market funding isn’t what industry members want…read more →