Collector craze drives construction of condos for cars


Jack Griffin and Fred Gans of Garages of Texas. Courtesy of Dallas Morning News

By Steve Brown and the Dallas Morning News

A Dallas developer is catching a ride on the collector car craze.

Fred Gans builds condos for cars. His Garages of Texas constructs and sells high-end storage space for people who dote on their vehicles.

“These guys own a lot of cars and often have them scattered in different locations,” said Gans, who started out building self-storage projects. “It’s very difficult for them to find a central location and store their cars.

“They want to improve that space and own that space and create their own man cave,” he said. “Some of these folks would just as soon sleep with their cars.”

Gans has built one of his garage condo complexes in Plano and has five more in the works.

“Our first project was a tremendous success, and it sold out before we finished construction,” Gans said. “Now we have a project near Love Field, one in Allen, one in Frisco and one in Roanoke.

“We have had so much demand in Plano, we are doing a second one.”

The first Garages of Texas, near Willow Bend Mall, had 69 spaces. Read More >