Randy Baird: In Terms of Dallas Real Estate, What Inning Are We Really In?

Crystal_ballBy Randy Baird, Cushman & Wakefield

You only have to watch CNBC for about 10 minutes before you hear speculation that the global capital markets are on the verge of collapse. Of course, if the global markets are collapsing, the U.S. must also be collapsing, and with the sharp decline in energy commodity pricing, Dallas will lead the way into the black hole.

Then, with the number of cranes around our city, our real estate markets surely are becoming overbuilt. Combine it all and you’ve got what appears to be a stage set for a catastrophe. After all, we have China’s woes shrinking the global economy, a strengthening dollar disrupting export trade, the Middle East reaching a boiling point, and did I mention oil prices are too low to support a Texas economy?

All this conversational anxiety can make anyone nervous … but what’s really true? Read More >