Troy Corman

Troy Corman, owner of t2 Real Estate

Troy Corman, owner of t2 Real Estate

Troy Corman created t2 Real Estate to break the mold of a traditional brokerage, and to offer a more innovative approach. As a result, t2 Real Estate has created it’s unique brand and provides it’s clients specialized knowledge in residential and commercial land sales, and new construction.

As the founder and Managing Principal of t2 Real Estate, Troy began his real estate career buying, renovating and leasing Dallas area fixer-uppers. That hands-on real estate experience proves quite valuable when advising clients about what to look for, and what to keep in mind when buying a property.

His prior work experience in traditional and online advertising provides a great foundation for t2 Real Estate’s marketing efforts. Following his years toiling as an Art Director at The Richards Group, Troy worked as a freelance Art Director for various Dallas-based advertising and marketing agencies including Slingshot, TM Advertising, IMC2, Integer Group and Rapp, to name a few.

A native of Eagle Lake, Texas, the self-proclaimed Goose-hunting Capital of the World, Troy attended Texas ATM Commerce where he studied Communication Arts. A resident of East Dallas, you may find him walking or jogging with his dog, Lady along lower Greenville Avenue or the M-streets.

Besides the aforementioned college football, Troy’s passions include art, design and architecture. He also has a desire to create, and his passions in real estate resulted from the creative outlet he enjoyed buying distressed real estate and transforming it. He also has a passion for entrepreneurship and has a great appreciation for business owners and those that “eat what they kill”.

Troy’s work experience began at an early age on his family’s rice farm driving tractors and shoveling levees. He also worked in Human Resources, Retail Store Management, and Advertising. His diverse background in both rural and urban settings helps him relate to all types of people.

Troy moved from Houston to Dallas to pursue more opportunities in the marketing industry years ago so he’s quite familiar and knowledgeable with both cities. His marketing background includes a stint with The Richards Group, and years of tutelage under the legendary Stan Richards. Next, he worked as a freelance Art Director for numerous Dallas-area marketing and advertising agencies including Slingshot, TM Advertising, Rapp, Integer, IMC2 and Tribal DDB. While freelancing, he renovated his first fixer-upper, and became enamored with real estate and investing. This led to a number of additional purchases and renovations, and eventually a Texas Real Estate license.

After a stint with a national name-brand real estate brokerage, he launched t2 Real Estate to spend the remainder of his career pursuing his dreams and passions.