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5800 Bryan Parkway SOLD!

5800 Bryan Parkway SOLD!

Congratulations are in order to Robert T. of  Tabak Homes, on his new purchase of 5800 Bryan Parkway. Also, special thanks to Ben Z. for letting t2 Real Estate market and handle this off-market transaction – no MLS needed! We have more buyers and builders looking for property in the east Dallas lower Greenville area, so let us know if we…read more →

5708 Bryan Parkway Sold!

5708 Bryan Parkway Sold!

Congratulations to the Herrera family, who were a real pleasure to help in the sale of their home to MSCC investments! Also, congratulations to Mike Ai with Keller Williams who represented the buyer.

New-Homes in Dallas Under $200k Will Soon Fade Away

ViDavid Brown, Metrostudy regional director for the Dallas-Fort Worth market, expands on his market insight shared at the 2014 Housing Leadership Summit, highlighting high demand and inventory will continue driving up new-home prices in Dallas.


Video of David Brown with Metrostudy on the Dallas – Fort Worth real estate market and the new home and residential lot landscape.

6622 Tyree and 4533 Afton Both Sold!

6622 Tyree and 4533 Afton Both Sold!

t2 Real Estate is happy to congratulate Alma L. on her sale of 6622 Tyree, while also congratulating Terry K., the new owner. We’d also like to congratulate Katrina on her sale of 4533 Afton as well as the new owner, Nadr. All four of these folks are great people and it was a pleasure to help them!

Hammering as fast as they can: Builders struggle to keep up with demand for new homes – 2013-Nov-25

See on – Texas Lots and Land Houston home builders are hammering as fast as they can to keep up with a 13 percent increase in sales this year. “Everybody is upbeat and expecting new home sales …   Troy Corman‘s insight: Houston home builders report October buyer traffic up 20% versus a year ago. See on

Texas Homestead Property Tax Exemptions, Defined.

By Troy Corman, One of the great advantages of home ownership are all of the great tax deductions. This includes the amount you pay for your Texas property taxes. With the highest property taxes in the nation, Texas home owners would be remiss to not take advantage of  the Texas Homestead Tax Exemptions. Let’s find out how to do so…read more →

The Real Estate Investing Formula of Trammell Crow.

By Troy Corman, No real estate developer had a larger impact on Dallas, Texas than it’s own hometown boy, Trammell Crow. Born in 1914, in a small frame house at 1318 Fitzhugh Street in Dallas, just like his office buildings and hotels, he rose to great heights. A large part of his formula for success was sharing in the…read more →

The Top 7 Dallas Neighborhoods Per D Magazine

1. Parker, Tx Parker, Tx Population: 3,600 Parker, Tx Annual growth since 1990: 5.6% Average Parker, Tx home sales price in 2012: $462,067 Median age of Parker, Tx residents: 40.8 Families with kids under 18: 30.2% Median Parker, Tx household income: $101,786   2. Highland Village, Tx Highland Village, Tx Population: 15,250 Highland Village, Tx Annual growth since 1990: 4% Highland Village, Tx Average home sales price in…read more →

Wealthy Home Buyers Opting for Interest-Only Home Loans.

By Troy Corman, t2 Real Estate While cash purchases of homes has picked up dramatically over the last two years, surprisingly, many wealthy home buyers are now turning to interest-only home loans. The main attraction of jumbo interest-only loans are lower monthly payments. The big drawback for borrowers is that interest-only mortgages do not allow for any equity capture. The…read more →