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Top Dallas Real Estate News for Week Ending March 1, 2015

Thanks to Steve Brown for the following news. Follow @SteveBrownDMN As Dallas – Fort Worth thaws for a few days from the sleet and snow, we’re still hopeful that more sellers will appear as we head into March. There’s still slim pickings for home buyers and home builders, and multifamily builders call us daily looking for lots and land to develop. It’s been very interesting to watch…read more →

6541 Patrick SOLD!

6541 Patrick SOLD!

Troy Corman is pleased to announce that 6541 Patrick, in Dallas, Tx has just sold! Special thanks to Ken Lampton at Remax About Town and Judy Davis with Hexter-Fair Title.

Texas Homestead Property Tax Exemptions, Defined.

By Troy Corman, One of the great advantages of home ownership are all of the great tax deductions. This includes the amount you pay for your Texas property taxes. With the highest property taxes in the nation, Texas home owners would be remiss to not take advantage of  the Texas Homestead Tax Exemptions. Let’s find out how to do so…read more →

The Real Estate Investing Formula of Trammell Crow.

By Troy Corman, No real estate developer had a larger impact on Dallas, Texas than it’s own hometown boy, Trammell Crow. Born in 1914, in a small frame house at 1318 Fitzhugh Street in Dallas, just like his office buildings and hotels, he rose to great heights. A large part of his formula for success was sharing in the…read more →

Remember These Real Estate Tax Deductions for 2012

By Troy Corman, As we approach the April 15th tax deadline for 2012 federal income taxes, don’t forget to take advantage of these notable real estate tax deductions. 1. Mortgage interest deduction – it’s estimated that almost 50% of those eligible fail to file this deduction on their tax return. The sum of the mortgage interest you pay on…read more →

The Top 7 Dallas Neighborhoods Per D Magazine

1. Parker, Tx Parker, Tx Population: 3,600 Parker, Tx Annual growth since 1990: 5.6% Average Parker, Tx home sales price in 2012: $462,067 Median age of Parker, Tx residents: 40.8 Families with kids under 18: 30.2% Median Parker, Tx household income: $101,786   2. Highland Village, Tx Highland Village, Tx Population: 15,250 Highland Village, Tx Annual growth since 1990: 4% Highland Village, Tx Average home sales price in…read more →

Wealthy Home Buyers Opting for Interest-Only Home Loans.

By Troy Corman, t2 Real Estate While cash purchases of homes has picked up dramatically over the last two years, surprisingly, many wealthy home buyers are now turning to interest-only home loans. The main attraction of jumbo interest-only loans are lower monthly payments. The big drawback for borrowers is that interest-only mortgages do not allow for any equity capture. The…read more →

The Story of How 57 Cents Built a Church and More.

Reposted by Troy Corman, t2 Real Estate A little girl stood near a small church from which she had been turned away because it was ‘too crowded.’  ‘I can’t go to Sunday School,’ she sobbed to the pastor as he walked by. Seeing her shabby, unkempt appearance, the pastor guessed the reason and, taking her by the hand, took her…read more →