The Higley 1000: the 35 Richest Neighborhoods in Dallas Fort Worth May Surprise You

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I was a bit disappointed when I read geographer Stephen Higley’s ranking of the top wealthiest 1,000 neighborhoods in America last week. I was sure, certain almost, that Highland Park and Old Preston Hollow would be among the top wealthiest neighborhoods in the nation. Well they were, but not at the tip top. The wealthy suburbs of New York City, Washington, D.C., Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco comprise the top ten richest in the USA. Greenwich, Ct. outstrips them all with a “Golden Triangle” mean annual household income of $614,242. I mean, wow. More than half a million a year. Of course, they need that to pay taxes. When it comes to the wealthiest metro areas, we came in at number 7, right behind Boston. First of course is the New York City metro, followed by L.A., D.C., San Fran, Chicago and Boston. We beat FULL STORY

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