Urban Genesis Plans November Start of New Oak Cliff Apartments in Bishop Arts

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Proposed Bishop High Line Apartments. Photo courtesy of Candsydirt.com

As soon as the rain lets up, demolition will begin on the four homes where 70 apartments will be under construction in November. Urban Genesis spoke with the Bishop Arts Neighborhood Association Tuesday night about the Bishop High Line project and the other 50 apartments they have planned just a block away. The projects are planned along Melba Street between Madison St. and Adams St. The site on the 300 block of Melba St., near Madison St., has been cleared. (Full disclosure: my sister owns the two-story brick home on the corner between their property and Madison.)

The building will extend west to the Nazarian family’s corner properties at Bishop Ave. Further west, their properties on the 400 block of Melba St. will form the corner at Adams St., as above. The two projects will be designed similarly, with minor differences. Read More >