Texas Real Estate

Rural Property Owners Fighting Eminent Domain and Land Condemnation Actions by the High Speed Train Connecting Dallas and Houston.

Rural land owners are fighting back Texas Central Partners recently filed legal procedures to take private property from rural land owners via eminent domain and condemnation. The politically connected individuals behind the project tout the real estate development the train’s path will create – which is probably true if you own land near a train stop. However, the sound of a 200-mph loud…read more →

Randy Baird: In Terms of Dallas Real Estate, What Inning Are We Really In?

By Randy Baird, Cushman & Wakefield You only have to watch CNBC for about 10 minutes before you hear speculation that the global capital markets are on the verge of collapse. Of course, if the global markets are collapsing, the U.S. must also be collapsing, and with the sharp decline in energy commodity pricing, Dallas will lead the way into the…read more →

Texas Scores Big Again in U-HAUL Moving Survey

With moving season officially underway, Texas yet again has reason to brag as three cities scored in the top five destinations, nationally. U-HAUL’s annual ranking of one-way destination cities for the year 2015 offers both consistency and surprise. Texas cities regularly score well, yet Houston’s seventh consecutive ranking in the number one spot offers renewed comfort amid an oil slump…read more →

How Does North Texas Keep Winning at Economic Development?

With new relocations like State Farm Insurance, Liberty Mutual and Toyota, along with expansions of Amazon, Borden’s, Mary Kay, General Motors and Mission Foods, North Texas can easily be called an “economic powerhouse.” And some of the Metroplex’s large suburban communities lead the way. How do they do it? A recent Enlightened Speakers’ Series event brought together three economic development…read more →