Dallas’ Quadrangle shopping center changed the neighborhood decades before Uptown


Historic photo of The Quadrangle Real Estate Development courtesy of the Dallas Morning News

By Steve Brown and the Dallas Morning News

Fifty years ago, there was no Uptown.

The area around McKinney Avenue and Cedar Springs Road was a jumble of old houses and small commercial businesses.

When developers plopped down a quirky shopping center called The Quadrangle, Dallas residents didn’t know what to think.

Turns out, those builders were pioneers in the dramatic transition that’s taken place in the area north of downtown.

Today The Quadrangle is surrounded by tall buildings — office towers, apartments, condos — and more are on the way.

But in 1966, when the 4-acre complex on Routh Street opened its doors, the area was a patchwork of vacant lots and old houses. Read More >