Dallas’ Woodbine Development gets its second president in four decades

hunt_scovell_1973By Steve Brown and the Dallas Morning News

John Scovell’s first real estate deal was a doozy.

In 1973, he teamed up with Dallas oilman Ray Hunt to build downtown Dallas’ landmark Reunion Hyatt Hotel with its skyline signature observation tower. Read more about how Reunion was built in Dallas here.

“What a privilege to change the skyline with your first project,” Scovell said. “I was 26 at the time. Had we been older, wiser, smarter, the Reunion project wouldn’t exist.

“We didn’t know you couldn’t do that,” he said. “Youth was a big advantage, as was having a partner like Ray Hunt and the absolute trust he put in me and our team.”

After more than four decades as the president of Woodbine Development Corp., Scovell — who just turned 70 — has stepped aside to let a new generation take reins of the company. Read more >


Dallas businessman John Scovell David Woo/Staff Photographer
Dallas businessman John Scovell
David Woo/Staff Photographer