Geo-tagging will allow a developer to take a picture of a building on their phone and find out the details of all those who collaborated on it

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A new property tech start-up is aiming to make it much easier for property developers and corporations to connect with construction and design professionals.

Industry Hub allows all of those involved in providing services to the property and construction industry to set up profile pages to showcase their work and talents. This data is then used to power IndustryHub’s Discovery tool, which allows developers to search using a wide range of criteria such as project type, a past client or niche skills.

“It takes decades to build up the kind of network which would enable you to find out who has worked on a building project and even then connecting with the right people can be a challenge,” said IndustryHub founder, Savannah de Savary. “We’ve already been approached by someone who has a huge acreage in London to develop a smart city and is looking for consultants who can help build the future.”

The site will be officially launched in January 2017. It already features some 49,000 images but expects this to quadruple by launch. Read More >